Why Direct Mailing

In an age of technology, where you can get your message into your customer’s in-box within minutes, why would anyone want to use direct mail?

The answer is simple. Direct Mail works! It is one of the few times you have a person’s undivided attention and it makes a deeper and longer lasting impression than digital advertising.

Targeted direct mail with clear benefits and relevance works, which is why the average return on investment (ROI) of direct mail has increased dramatically in recent years. At the same time digital marketing ROI has gone down.

Johnston Mailing help you with the fundamentals of marketing by identifying your target audience (we do this by profiling your database) and communicating directly and effectively with them.

We advise and assist you in segmenting your clients based on their demographic characteristics, lifestyles and behaviours, building truly unique, personalised, individual communications which leads to a higher ROI and in turn creating the ideal marketing proposition – a client for life.